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The union of Business, Freedom and Self

D-Blaze takes a consious decision to cater the three parts of the Individual


In the development of the whole Individual it is important to cater to all facets and D-Blaze takes the full Individual into consideration during consultantcy. "To us, an important leader, not necessarily business-wise but human-wise, must be able to experience the full extend of life, to be able to make good decisions. This is critical for inner balance and success!" says CEO and Consultant Danni V. Hansen

Learn to enjoy life as a Successful, Powerful and Balanced Individual, through consultancy or coaching

Worldwide service available!


D-Blaze coaches and consultants are available worldwide and the primary language in English. Due to the origins of the company some Scandinavian languages are also supported.


Our coaches and consultants always travel to the clients to assess the clients environment and the client themselves to find the correct path for the client. This ensures trust and understanding between the consultant and the client to develope the clients personal guidance.